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This page was updated:  January 2, 2003

Cancer Types

Natural Cures
Essiac Tea
Omega Fatty Acids
Amputation Stories and Photos
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ancer Types

The Perseus Foundation - Common Types of Cancer

Onco Link - Many Cancer Types Covered in Detail

Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer)

Natural Cures

Holistic Cancer Treatment Information

Robert McDowell's Herbal Cancer Support Supplements

Complimentary Cancer Therapy

The Paw-Paw

New research being done at the University of Washington is showing promise for treating some specific cancers with an herbal extract that has been used for malaria, called Artemisinin. It has low toxicity when given in proper doses orally, and has shown some effectiveness with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and lymphosarcoma in dogs when used at a dosage of 50-100 mg twice a day for a large breed. It is also being used to treat breast cancer in humans. It is apparently more effective when given along with iron salts. See the following for more information, several of which mention studies done with dogs:

Yahoo Group sharing information and experiences
with Artemisinin:

Chinese remedy 'may fight cancer'

Cancer Smart Bomb, Part I: An Idea from Ancient Chinese Medicine

Cancer Smart Bomb: Part II: Artemisinin Follow-Up

New Hope for Treating Cancer

Artemisinin in Cancer Treatment

Keep Michael Blair Alive - Lots of Links

Pharmaceutical Notebook Article on Artemisinin

Distribution of Artemisinin in the Human Body article

Essiac Tea
Great place to purchase pure, organic tea
Tehachapi Tea Co.

Essiac Articles

AHHC Reference Information:

Japanese Doctor using AHCC in his practice

Omega Fatty Acids (Omega 3 GOOD - Omega 6 BAD)

Omega 3 and Cancer

Fish Oil Reduces Breast Cancer

Study on Omega 3's and Cancer (Technical)

Amputation Stories and Photos

Hal's Story


General Canine Cancer Links

Canine Cancer

Land of Pure Gold - GREAT SITE!


Robin's Canine Cancer Files  

The Perseus Foundation

"" Cancer Links

Current Studies being done by the Morris Animal Foundation:

Cancer in the Canine at

Human Cancer Treatment Goes to the Dogs

Hollywood Dog Speaks Out About Cancer


Pet Loss Support
Visit these sites for numbers, and additional support to help you with the loss of your companion.  Memorials, Stories and Information on how to cope with the grief that will surely follow can all be found on these pages.

University of Illinios Pet Loss Support Hotline

Washington State University Pet Loss Hotline

Links to More Links

Pet Cancer Links (and then some!)

How Can you Help?


Anti-Cancer Diet:

B-Naturals (Lew Olson) Immune Support Vitamins and Supplements

Homemade recipe for the major brand Veterinary recommended
Dry Dog Food for Cancer Support - available only through vets
(We were contacted by the company to remove their name
and any links to their site from this web page)

Molly's Herbals

Homemade Dog Biscuit Recipes
Know what your dog is eating!

Other Dog Related Links

Canines In Crisis

Ready for a new companion?



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